Cosmetic Smile Rejuvenation

We can enhance your smile through treatments such as veneers, crowns, bonding, straightening, and whitening. We can also increase the strength, life, and comfort of your teeth by restoring the back teeth which may be compromised in many ways.



Dental veneers are a popular cosmetic treatment that improves a patient's smile without extensive dental work (unlike dental restoration, they do not fix damage or restore function). Porcelain veneers can be used to correct slight crookedness, small gaps between teeth, minor chips and fractures, uneven teeth and even to whiten your smile. They are designed and custom fabricated to look like real teeth, and are bonded in place with strong dental cement. 

Dental veneers can be used to improve a single tooth or to enhance your smile through addressing all visible front teeth. 



Crowns are one of the most commonly used tooth restorations because they are strong, esthetic, and long-lasting. You may need a crown if you have a cracked tooth, have had a root canal, or have a large cavity or large filling that is breaking down. Dental crowns are designed to strengthen and restore damaged and decayed teeth by covering them and securing the remaining parts.

Your new crown will require two appointments to complete. During the first visit, we will prep the tooth and take impressions for the lab to create your crown from. You will have a temporary crown until your next appointment when we will place and set your permanent crown.


Bonding is another additive treatment option that is used to recreate a smile. Like veneers, composite bonding can be used to correct slight chips, minimize gaps between teeth and even whiten discolored teeth. It is a popular treatment option because it requires less tooth preparation, looks like the original tooth, and can often be done in only one visit.

We want to take a look at your smile and discuss all the options to reach your goals. Contact us today for an appointment.