Clear Braces

Today's orthodontic aligners are designed to be comfortable and hygienic, and are often more economical than traditional braces. With different case complexities requiring varying treatments, we offer Invisalign® (five different levels), Simpli5, and 3 Tray Red White & Blue®. Clear braces are worn day and night, and the only thing anyone will notice is your stunning smile.

Smile created with Invisalign.

A Clear Choice

Many adults prefer a clear aligner system because they are virtually invisible on their teeth. Teens are also choosing to go with clear braces over traditional metal braces. According to the Invisalign Teen Confidence survey, 92% of teens feel that wearing metal braces will keep them from fitting in with their peers. Clear braces give patients the beautiful smiles they always wanted without ever having the look of braces.

Easy Brushing and Flossing

Another benefit of a clear aligner system is that they are easily removed for cleaning, reducing cavities and plaque build-up.  Oral health is further enhanced because it's convenient for wearers to be able to remove their teeth aligners for brief periods of time to eat or drink.


Overall, clear braces are much more comfortable than metal braces. With conventional metal braces, wires and metal can sometimes become painful and even puncture the inside of the mouth and gums. Aligner systems do not have sharp edges or wires and are always smooth and comfortable.

If you are interested in learning more about clear braces, please make a consultation appointment with our office. We look forward to talking with you about creating your perfect smile without the discomfort, tooth decay, and visual appearance associated with traditional braces. 



Invisalign® straightens your teeth using a custom-made series of aligners created for you and only you. 


All-new Simpli5 is your fast and simple aligner system for minor-to-intermediate anterior crowding or spacing. 


3 tray red/white/blue

The Red White & Blue® orthodontic system is a three-appliance product that's used to treat just one dental arch.