Porcelain Crowns for Healthier Teeth and Beautiful Smiles

Cracks and fracture lines in teeth which have had large silver/mercury fillings in them for many years, and currently do not hurt, can lead to loss of tooth structure and future root canals or extractions. By strengthening these teeth with full coverage porcelain crowns, you can save your teeth and avoid painful and expensive consequences.

These silver and mercury fillings- called dental amalgam- have been used to fill teeth for decades. As dental technology has become more innovative, amalgam fillings have been replaced by white composite fillings. However, many of us still have amalgam fillings in our molars from years ago, which are slowly harming our teeth.

These amalgam metal fillings were once praised for their remarkable durability and sturdiness, but this same stability causes damage over time to your teeth. This damage happens because the amalgam filling is so strong and immoveable that it remains unchanged even as the tooth changes, causing  hairline fractures that have long-term consequences.

These fractures happen as a result of normal wear and tear on teeth over time. As life progresses, your mouth and teeth change gradually. This change is beneficial- but not to the solid metal that is inside your molar. Since something has to give into the pressure of change, your tooth will move and adapt around the immovable amalgam, resulting in hairline fractures that can become more serious if not treated.

While these cracks are tiny and usually unnoticeable, they need to be treated by a dentist before they result in something more severe; cracks caused by amalgam fillings can cause severe pain, and root canals or tooth removal. 

Luckily, there is a solution for this problem! Thanks to new advancements, the old, harmful amalgam can be removed from your tooth and replaced with a better, more compatible material called “buildup”. This buildup strengthens your tooth and allows it to support a porcelain crown.

These full coverage porcelain crowns will help your tooth and prevent any further damage caused by the amalgam fillings. By taking advantage of porcelain crowns, the consequences of cracked teeth can be evaded. Ask Dr. Smith about how to replace your amalgam fillings today!