The Invasalign Advantage

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Look around and you’ll notice that beautiful smiles are everywhere! It seems like everyone from celebrities to your coworkers have straight, pretty teeth. However, most of them weren’t lucky enough to be born that way; a majority of those dazzling smiles are a result of years of dental work.

And while straight smiles are aesthetically pleasing, the primary reason for straight teeth is to improve chewing function and decrease wear. And of course, a beautiful smile is a wonderful byproduct! Decreasing wear on your teeth is crucial to decreasing sensitivity and preventing tooth pain. As the crooked top and bottom teeth rub against each other, the protective enamel surrounding the teeth is slowly worn down, exposing the tooth’s inner core- the dentin. The dentin is where the nerve endings of your teeth are located, therefore teeth worn down to the dentin are prone to hypersensitivity,  chipping and fracturing of teeth, and toothaches. 

In addition to decreasing harmful wear, straight teeth improve chewing function and create a comfortable, normal bite. And while achieving that perfect smile is clearly beneficial for your oral health, the time commitment that a full mouth of braces requires may seem daunting. Luckily, there is a faster, better way to protect your teeth from wear and get that straight smile you’ve always wanted-; ask Dr. Smith about the Invisalign system! 

True to its name, Invisalign offers clear retainers (not braces) that are perfectly molded to fit your smile, so you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing an aligner! Better yet, Invisalign is fast; while the average patient has braces for 2 years, Invisalign lasts about 6 to 18 months, depending on your individual needs.

Not only is Invisalign much faster on average than normal braces, but the innovative Invisalign aligners won’t drastically affect your daily life! For example, while traditional braces prevent you from enjoying foods such as popcorn and hard candy, Invisalign lets you eat all of your favorite things. This is possible because with Invisalign, you are able to remove the aligners while you eat, allowing for more flexibility to fit your lifestyle.

Another advantage that Invisalign offers is how easy the system is to maintain. Instead of spending your valuable time in the bathroom trying clean a mouth full of braces, just rinse out your aligners, brush and floss like normal, and you’re done.

Invisalign is powerful enough to help all types of smiles, from crooked teeth to overbites and cross-bites, and is convenient enough to fit in to your busy life! Talk to Dr. Smith about Invisalign at your next appointment- you’ll be glad you did!