Take Advantage of 20% Off for a Brilliant Smile This Valentine's Day

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Do you want whiter teeth? If so, you aren’t alone- a recent survey showed 80% of American adults wish for whiter teeth. A brilliant smile can boost your confidence and success by creating a more youthful and radiant appearance. Studies have even shown that people with whiter teeth are perceived as more successful and attractive!

Just like hair and skin, the color of teeth varies from person to person, so it is rare to be born with a naturally perfect smile. Even the whitest smile will gradually yellow as enamel on the tooth is worn down through daily use. Yellowing is amplified by stains from activities such as smoking, or drinking beverages such as coffee, tea, and soda. Luckily, this process is reversible, as stains are easily removed with proper dental care!

Many methods exist to help whiten teeth and remove stains. While at-home whitening can be somewhat effective, these generic whitening strips only come in one size and therefore may not fit your mouth. Additionally, the strength of the whitening gel may be too strong or too weak to effectively whiten your unique teeth.

To avoid these issues, ask Dr. Smith about custom whitening trays! There are many significant advantages to going to the dentist for a professional whitening procedure. Your dentist can offer insight into the strength and amount of whitening needed to reach your desired smile, and create a custom tray to serve that purpose by taking impressions of your teeth, then using those impressions to create a tray. This specially-made tray wraps around your mouth like a mouthguard, ensuring that every tooth is properly covered.

After we create a unique whitening tray for you depending on your personal needs, you will receive opalescence bleach gel. Opalescence bleach is a powerful, effective whitening treatment; most patients notice whiter teeth after as few as two or three applications! This individualized treatment ensures that the whitening process is as simple and effective as possible.

Now it is easier than ever to take advantage of the ease and power of opalescence bleach! For the entire month of February, Dr. Smith is offering 20% off opalescence whitening tubes! Take advantage of this deal and give yourself the gift of a brilliant smile this Valentine’s Day!